Sandi’s Tours and Teaching Schedule

Sandi’s 2022 gigs:

Photography tours, workshops and speaking engagements:

Photographic Society of America: Southern California Roundup Chapter – Keynote Speaker
April 9 (Palmdale, CA)

California Desert Photo Tour 2022
April 16-23

One-day Salton Sea Photo Safari
April 30

Desert Institute, Joshua Tree National Park Association:

Salton Sea Photography Workshop
February 12

Route 66 Photography Workshop
February 26

Large group travel tours:

CE Tours: Savannah State University Upward Bound – Detroit, MI
March 28 – April 1

AHI Travel: Canadian Maritimes
June 11-20
July 23 – August 1
August 8-17

Odysseys Unlimited: Canadian Rockies Explorer
July 4-14
August 31 – September 10

Odysseys Unlimited: The Canadian Maritimes
September 19-30

17 thoughts on “Sandi’s Tours and Teaching Schedule

  1. Hi i find your work very interesting and rewarding .
    I’m sorry to hear about the lost of your home .
    I have been performing and traveling for over 20 years .
    Recently i have decided to make a full-time Carrier .
    I’m a musician love arts and spiritual,writer composer etc..
    I’m looking for some one with your experience for my next project.
    I see your in Nova Scotia , enjoy hope to chat soon Francis Cormier.
    1 506 871 3124 text
    also have a linked acct

  2. Hi Sandi,

    So good to hear from you. How was the Iceland trip? Hope you had a great time!

    We are well, and look to continue our traveling ways. Life is good!

    Take care.

    Don Orner

  3. Sandi
    Thanks so much for looking out for Russ. he had an awesome time and came home with new found knowledge and friends. And yes you have created a monster but a happy monster. He can’t wait till he retires now.


  4. Hi Sandi,
    What’s this about losing your home? Are you still living in Windsor? We just returned from a marvelous trip out West.You still have an open invitation to come to Northern Mich. for a lighthouse tour. Two are about two miles away, one about thirty. Mackinaw Island about seventy. We still talk about our marvelous Nova Scotia trip.
    Tim and Kathleen Lutes

    • Hey, thanks Tim and Kathleen! Yes, still live in Windsor, and I teach at the U here now during the winter.
      Thanks for the offer! I would love to do that someday!
      Homeless referred to my mobile home being stolen… the camper I camped in between tours. It got stolen in September. Buggers!

  5. Just received your” Where’s Wheaton” schedule. It’s now mid May, a little late for most of your western trips. We are interested in a National Parks tour for April 2026. Would like to hear about those schedules !
    Have a wonderful 2015 !!!
    Butch & Kirk Conklin

    • Hi guys,
      I just got my summer schedule confirmed a few days ago.. I know, it’s too late for new bookings – I just put it here for friends of folks who have been on my tours before, and they ask me which tours I am scheduled to do. As soon as I get the dates, I put them up here. Sometimes people come in last minute.

      I am not scheduled to do any Western tours yet, but once I am, I will let you know and will post the info. Thanks for asking!

      Hope you are both well!

  6. Hi Sandi,

    I’m still interested in a NS tour. The Caravan tour site doesn’t list available dates (just all dates). Do you know if there’s room on any of your September/October tours?

    Also I’m choking on the extra cost of single supplement. Do they do any roommate matching?


    • Hey, thanks for the interest and sorry for the late reply. When I am in high season, I find it really difficult to do anything but lead the tours! Anyway I know the fall tours were all booked up so you would have gone on a waiting list. Thing is, Caravan doesn’t tell me anything about the tours, you have to book through them. Next time, if you still want to come (I hope so! 🙂 ), once I have my dates from them (spring), then I list my dates on this site – then you can call and ask to be put on one of my dates. That’s about the best you can do – I’m told by former passengers that they don’t match Tour Director requests so you’d need to wait until I get my dates and then call them to see if there are openings. Sorry, that is the only way I know how to do it! Oh and yes I do think they do roommate matching.

  7. Hi Sandi,

    Not sure if you remember my husband and myself. We were with you on a NS tour in August. (After our nine day lighthouse adventure!) We’re interested in a tour of Iceland. Do you have one planned for next year? Please let us know, Thanks,

    John and Cheryl Wiediger

    • Hi Cheryl and John,
      Sure I remember you, lighthouse keepers!! 🙂 I’m sorry for the delay in replying to this; I get a million spam comments and few from actual people so I tend to miss them when they do come in… I do have a tour of Iceland planned for March-April, and you should have received an email about that if you are on the mailing list. Let me know if you didn’t receive it, OK?
      I hope all is well with you!

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