2015 season: done. 2016 planning: begins.

Sandi on tour bus

working the bus while on tour – photo: Rita Cohen

Every year I think that I can get blog posts done and emails answered and contact maintained with loved ones, etc. etc. while I am working during my high season… and every year I suffer severe expectation fail – my own, and others’.  It probably makes sense to just get rid of any expectation around that and accept it is part of my current career.  I am hoping, however, to figure out a more balanced way of living and perhaps spacing my work out more over the course of a year so I don’t suffer so much burnout, and don’t have this extreme on/off life.

Nevertheless, in the meantime, planning for 2016 begins, now that I am finished with 2015 tours.

at Sitgreaves Pass

my favourite vista on Route 66: Sitgreaves Pass, AZ – photo by Steve Kriemadis

My desert photo tour returns this spring, for those into kicking around the desert in southern California and taking photographs.  Level of photographic skill is irrelevant, you can be a pro or a total novice – but you do need to be a photographer of some sort to come on this one.  It’s an intimate, casual gathering with fun people and great sites.  We always have a blast, but our schedule is kind of weird, since we tend to follow the best light (hence, you should be a photographer to come, otherwise you will just be annoyed). 🙂  Dates are April 16-23, fly into Palm Springs.  Details here.

Sandi at Skogafoss

rainbows over Skogafoss, Iceland – photo by Robin Winkler

And once again, Mettina van der Veen from Go Atlanta and Beyond and I will be inviting a small group to come to Iceland with us in 2016, to discover its magical beauty, and hopefully catch and photograph the Northern Lights.  We have a fantastic local guide who will drive us around the southern part of the island and will regale us with many fascinating stories and Icelandic legends – and Mettina and I will be there to help you with your photography skills.  (You don’t need to be a photographer to join this tour, however.)  This is also a small group (10 max) and we always have a ton of fun.  Iceland is gorgeous and at this time of the year, it’s not too crowded, and there is a good chance to see the aurora borealis (summertime = warmer, but not a good time for the lights in the sky). The dates are March 26 – April 2 and details can be found here.

As always, once other tours appear on the books, I will share them on my tour schedule page.  But for now, these are what is coming up this spring so far.

Hope to see you on the road!